"Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth." Khaled Hosseini


They wanted to escape capitalism; instead they created the perfect business...

It's a tragedy that will make headlines across the globe--the bodies of scores of Westerners discovered at a remote commune, high in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. The Indian authorities are desperate for answers, and only Ethan Hicks can provide them--for no one else made it out alive.

And what he tells investigators will prove as shocking as the injuries he survived: of a remote commune that grew beyond recognition through a simple quirk of fate. Of a harmonious society that became riven by greed. Of a paradise that was slowly defiled by its own inhabitants.

Yet there was a series of disturbing events in the final months of the commune of which Ethan cannot speak. For to do so would lay bare the very darkest parts of the human soul--of what a man will do for money, what he'll do for profit. Of what a man will do in the pursuit of ever-greater margins.

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Ten-year-old Maisie Graves' life is falling apart. Her father is on yet another tour of duty in Vietnam, and the family's cotton mills are close to bankruptcy, driving her emotionally distant mother deeper into alcoholism. So when Maisie finds a small wooden box, containing a rare silver half-dollar, in the creek near her home, it seems her luck might change-for a local numismatist informs her the coin is worth a small fortune.

Yet soon after the half-dollar comes into Maisie's possession, her father's plane is shot down over Vietnam, and a worsening liver condition hospitalizes her mother. Struggling to make sense of the continued misfortune befalling her family, Maisie begins to blame the coin for her woes. She takes the half-dollar to a local pharmacist known to have a keen interest in the occult-to her horror, Mrs Dupriest determines not only that the coin is possessed of a powerful hex, but that Maisie, too, is cursed--quite possibly for eternity.

As torrential rainstorms swell the Alabama River, threatening to flood the family home, Maisie becomes increasingly convinced that Mrs Dupriest's reading was correct. In her desperate search for a way to rid herself of the purported curse, she will uncover disturbing truths about her family's past, and a dark secret that her mother has been hiding for many years. Yet, concealed beneath the velvet lining of the coin's box, a far more troubling revelation awaits her. 


Thinking, thinking, thinking...