John Wigglesworth is a British national who has been based in Asia for the last ten years. The Margins is his fiction debut, and was published by Penguin Random House SEA in 2020. His latest work, which is awaiting a title, is complete, and is intended as an Adult work with Young-Adult crossover potential. He's now working on something new.  

In his spare time--when he's not writing--John runs his own company in Bangkok. A former backpacking junkie, John traveled extensively across India and South East Asia before realizing that his wanderlust was incompatible with the parenting demands of his Westie, Coconut. He is now settled in Thailand.


Coconut is a two-year-old West Highland White Terrier. Her hobbies include barking, random acts of aggression towards strangers, digging holes, and ignoring commands given to her by humans. Her dislikes include kibble and non-premium canned dog food.